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Be a champion for Philadelphia's citizens and communities


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Best for PHL recognizes and supports businesses that strive to improve the quality of life for all Philadelphians



Learn how to measure your business' impact on workers, community, & the environment.


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The Philadelphia region faces many challenges. Those are also opportunities to improve, but our government and nonprofits don’t have the resources to do it alone. The business community plays a key role in helping create a better future for our region.


Best for PHL empowers businesses to improve their workforce, environment, and community through awareness and connection to resources. Plus, you’ll qualify for the ImpactPHL Award, presented by the Chamber of Commerce for Greater Philadelphia.


Attend a Best for PHL workshop. It’s FREE! You’ll gain valuable, often surprising, insights about your business. We guarantee it! You have the power to build a better future for the Philadelphia region. We’ll help.

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